Evil Corp and Marina Sechina

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From the largest hacker group to the legend of the Alpha group of the FSB of the Russian Federation

Source: www.rucriminal.info

Russian hackers from the Evil Corp group can be associated not only with the FSB, but also with the criminal world. A possible evidence of this, found by Radio Liberty among open data, echoes the information of our source related to the investigation of the case of hackers in the United States, — he says that Maxim Yakubets, for whom the FBI promises $ 5 million, collaborated with a thief in law.

Russian hacker Maxim Yakubets, wanted by the FBI on charges of embezzlement of more than $ 100 million from the accounts of companies and individuals, is connected with FSB Vympel special forces veteran Eduard Bendersky. In June 2017, Yakubets married the Bendery’s daughter Alena. Rucriminal.info conducted its own investigation of Bendersky’s activities. Today we publish the third part of our work. From it you can find out that Bendersky’s senior partner is the legendary Alpha special forces soldier Konstantin Pekker. It is he who is the main owner of all chop and other enterprises related to Bendersky. Pekker, in turn, is a partner in the monster of the energy complex of the Russian Federation, Yuri Shulgin and Eldar Osmanov. Eldar Osmanov is a co-owner of Mezhregionsoyuzenergo (MRSEN) holding. His daughter Lolita is married to the son of billionaire Albert Avdolyan. Pennant’s Pennant A took part in most of the "battles" for energy assets related to Pekker, Shulgin and Osmanov, including Rodnichok sanatorium. Marina Sechina, the former wife of the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, is also a participant in these conflicts.

Now it is time to return to the “senior” Bender’s partner Konstantin Pekker. This is the legendary fighter of the Alpha group, a participant in the most notable operations in which he often personally destroyed intruders. So, it was Pekker who eliminated the villain who captured a bus with tourists in 1995 on Vasilyevsky Spusk. He rose to the commander of a combat detachment.

Upon reaching a citizen, he officially became a co-owner of more than 12 enterprises that are part of the business empire of Bandera and his curators:


PSRN: 1177700013336

TIN: 7731381548


PSRN: 5077746557411

TIN: 7731565760


PSRN: 1077757732348

TIN: 7731570908


PSRN: 1087799036050

TIN: 7731158878


PSRN: 1057747146555

TIN: 7731525768


PSRN: 1067746646087

TIN: 7704601000


Private security company Vympel-A1

However, it is obvious that earlier Pekker was their co-owner, but because of the service he could not advertise himself. Then he left the number of co-owners, but he was replaced in the founders by a certain girl, clearly a relative or related person. But Pekker came out in connection with the fact that he began to serve as the head of the security service of the "monsters" of energy.

There is such a large energy retail holding Roskommunenergo. The main shareholders of Roskommunenergo OJSC for 2010 were: Bazisenergo Trade LLC (48.5%) and Center for the Private Law of the Electric Power Industry LLC (37.3%). Yuri Shulgin, Eldar Osmanov, Vasily Mikhailov and Konstantin Pekker each had 25% shares in Bazisenergo Trade LLC. Yuriy Shulgin and Eldar Osmanov each had 50% of shares in Center for Private Law of the Electric Power Industry LLC.

Eldar Osmanov is a co-owner of Mezhregionsoyuzenergo (MRSEN) holding. His daughter Lolita is married to the son of billionaire Albert Avdolyan.

Yuri Shulgin is the founder and shareholder of MRESEN (Mezhregionsoyuzenergo), one of the wealthiest people in the energy industry.

Pennant’s Pennant A actively participated in resolving the security problems of Roskommunenergo (RCE), it was with this private security company that constant threats to various opponents of the RCE were associated, as well as an attack on Tatyana Romanova, director of the Kashirsky Rodnichok sanatorium. The company, which owned Rodnichok, served as the main "overpass" for pumping money out of the RCE and withdrawing it from the country. Therefore, the sanatorium was a "strategic" object. Osmanov and Shulgin had a conflict with Romanova, “Pennant A” conducted an audit of her activities and forced him out of the sanatorium. In retaliation, Romanova began sending out letters describing all the “dark” cases of the RCE regarding the withdrawal of funds through Rodnichok: with specific numbers, accounts, etc. Then an attempt was made on her — she was stabbed in the neck with a knife. Romanov’s entourage did not exclude the possibility that Pennant A was behind the attack.

In 2013, it was officially announced that Marina Sechina became the co-owner of MRSEN and Roskommunenergo. A few years later, a protracted conflict began between former partners. Sechin agreed on the one hand, and Osmanov and Shulgin on the other (they say that not everything is good between them either). Both went abroad, from where they are fighting. In 2017, Shulgin was declared a federal wanted list on charges of non-payment to the branch of the generating company PJSC IDGC of the North-West — Arkhenergo over 5 billion rubles. And in August 2018, he was put on the international wanted list.

Widespread media attention was drawn to the situation around the already mentioned Rodnichok sanatorium owned by MRSEN. Huge sums were pumped through his daughter ”for a long time, and for the conflicting parties, he became a kind of headquarters — whoever controls is the main one. As a result, the private security companies and ordinary fighters controlling the Rodnichok repeatedly changed, each change in the “hosts” is accompanied by fights and shooting with the victims. During this war, an assassination attempt was committed on partner Sechina Alim Daduev.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin

Source: www.rucriminal.info