Who is “ordering” Lot Guli?

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Ominous shadow of God Nisanov hovers over the corpses of thieves in law

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The funeral of Azerbaijani thief in law Nadir Salifov (Lotu Guli), who was killed the day before, was held in Istanbul. He was shot by the security guard Hain Zeyralov, and the driver of Guli Amir Hamidli helped the killer escape.

They managed to be detained. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, simultaneously with the funerals of Salifov, Zeyoalov and Hamidli under reinforced security special forces, they were taken to court in a bonnem machine for arrest. During his testimony, Khayna Zeyralov explained his act as follows: “I did not love him at all. We lived together, we grew up together. I defended him, put up with him for years. But I didn’t love. I killed because I did not love. " Of course, no one believes him. The murder was "ordered". But who is the "customer" is another question. The obvious answer is that this is revenge for the shooting of thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev in 2016. However, our sources believe that the traces of the shooting lead to the Moscow Food City, which is owned by Zarakh Iliev and God Nisanov.

In an interview with Radio Liberty, businessman Ilgar Hajiyev said that during the conflict with God Nisanov he was threatened by "thieves in law", which is not surprising. Rucriminal.info has repeatedly talked about Nisanov’s close ties with the mafia. In particular, our sources spoke about the possible connection of the billionaire with the Azerbaijani "thief in law" Nadir Salifov (Lotu Guli). In particular, they had a common enemy — "thief in law" Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lenkoransky). When God Nisanov and Zaraz Iliev opened the Food City agricultural cluster, their main task was to lure traders and wholesalers to this site. They preferred to work in markets controlled by Azerbaijani mafiosi, including thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lyankoransky). The main concentration of wholesalers was the Four Seasons market, controlled by brothers Ananiev and Timofey Kurgin. And all the Azeri traders who worked on it were subordinate to Rovshan. As long as this situation remained, Food City could not count on large profits.

After lengthy negotiations, Nisanov and Iliev managed to find a common language (primarily the financial component of the issue) with Dzhaniev. In addition, he had disagreements with the Ananievs and Kurgin. As a result, Rovshan gave the go-ahead for the mass relocation of traders and wholesalers from Four Seasons to Food City.

Huge profits flowed into the pockets of Nisanov and Iliev. But then, as sources of Rucriminal.info believe, a conflict arose between Nisanov, Iliev and thief in law Dzhaniev. By this time, Rovshan had made peace with Kurgin. Therefore, he threatened Nisanov and Iliev that he would drive all wholesalers and traders back to the Four Seasons. The conflict arose just at the time when the main enemy of Rovshan, Nadir Salifov, began to prepare for the release from the colony. Moreover, he expressed his readiness to "work" with traders from "Food City" on more loyal terms than Dzhaniev. As a result, on August 18, 2016, Rovshan was shot dead in Istanbul.

Everyone knows that this is the work of Lot Guli. But the fugitive businessman Telman Ismailov, who was friends with Rovshan, added the murder theme. He began to assert that Nisanov was also involved in the incident. True, he quickly retracted his words. And I was very pleased with this decision. After that, the bankrupt Ismailov got money, and he began to communicate with Guli. Nisanov just slightly became poorer (he did not even notice that much). By the way, until recently, Guli Nisanov also lived in perfect harmony. Both without Rovshan felt much better. However, then a cat ran between them. As a result, security officials close to Nisanov put Salifov on the wanted list. And all of his representatives who tried to approach Nisanov’s facilities were immediately sent to jail. However, Guli’s absence from the country did not prevent him from dictating his terms for Food City. In particular, he controlled a significant part of the supply of fruits, and recently, according to sources, he began to dictate his terms, in particular, on the incoming price, etc.

The year Nisanov could not oppose anything to this. Azerbaijani traders, wholesalers, feared Guli to death and obeyed him. And he monitored the situation on a daily basis and kept in touch with Moscow using instant messengers. And thanks to his friendship with the Turkish mafia # 1 Sedat Peker, Salifov could influence the supply of fruits from Turkey. Sources say that Nisanov was extremely annoyed. And now Guli went after Rovshan. Moreover, the crime was rigged so that everyone would think that it was revenge for Dzhaniev. Guli was even shot on 19 August, and Rovshan died on 18 August.

To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

Source: www.rucriminal.info