Deripaska’s evolution: Oleg was, then Ruslan, became ***

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The forbidden book about the new adventures of Nastya Rybka and the oligarch


At the end of October, a new book by Alex Leslie “Go to fish” (Eksmo Publishing House) was supposed to be on sale in all bookstores. Actively conducted advertising work on the sites were pre-sale books, etc. According to the telegram channel "Toad and Viper", the release of the book was postponed several times, and then the announcement of the book was completely removed from all sites. Pre-ordered people are refunded. Sources close to the publisher claim that no one is going to publish the book at least in the next 5 years, despite the fact that it has been compiled for a long time and is assigned to it by ISBN.

From myself, may add that quotes from the book are removed from Leslie’s Instagram and are also “cleaned up” on the forums. Which is not surprising. In the new work, the “oligarch” (Oleg Deripaska) and the “Kremlin official” (Sergey Prikhodko), their leisure time with Nastya Rybka and her friends, should again be mentioned, and what this turned out to be for girls and their “coach” Alex Leslie. After the first book about the adventures of Nastya, Rybka and Leslie ended up in a Thai prison and had many other troubles. Oleg Deripaska does not forgive such revelations. Eksmo was preparing for serious trouble. Literally on the eve of the expected release of the book, the publishing house ordered a large-scale examination of Leslie’s work for the content in it: information that was prohibited in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law “On the Protection of Children from Information harmful to their Health and Development”; information with signs of propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations (homosexuality) and signs of information of a pornographic nature; information aimed at damaging the honor, dignity and business reputation of specific individuals.

Moreover, the examination was transferred to Roskomnadzor, which, apparently, caused the content of “Go to fish” to be of concern.
At the disposal of was this examination, from which one can understand what is written in the "forbidden" book. We also restored a couple of erased book announcements from Alex Leslie himself and we will publish all this in a series of articles. Here is how Leslie himself described what his work was about and about the transformation of Oleg Deripaska in books about the "adventures of Nastya Rybka." “The heroes of the book Go To Fish. First of all, this is of course ***. He was Oleg, then Ruslan, then evolution and murderous censorship finally turned him into ***. And if in our first book he was a physicist who became an oligarch and interested us as a victim of seduction for studying and experimenting with which we played as a mouse, then in this book we became mice chased by ***, parallel fighting off from sanctions, the CIA, the FBI, and, together with Trump and the Democrats, competing for the right to put us in jail ... Nastya Rybka — a model of stamina and an example to follow the majority, she did not cry and did not give slack, despite the pressure she behaved better many men. When the US authorities of Russia and Thailand tried to shut up her mouth, she gave out more and more details, despite the elite’s desire to shut her mouth! Continuing to do the 2 most important things in life — to fuck and laugh at everything! ”

And now we give a description of the book “Go to fish” from the examination, which was conducted by Vali Yengalychev, professor of Kaluga State University, for Eksmo. By the way, the file with the book transferred to him for study had the characteristic name “block”.
“In part 1 with the heading“ MERRY DUBAI ”, the author describes the events that led to difficult consequences for the author and his companion Nastya Rybka: a playful publication by Nastya Rybka on a social network that she has“ information sufficient to impeach ”the president of the SPA D. Trump; Navalny’s use of this publication in his campaign to “undermine the image of the current government”: a new publication by Nastya Rybka on a social network with a playful “refutation”; increased attention of various media and "special services" to this information. The author holds the idea that all of Nastya’s publications were carried out for entertainment as part of the “training on seducing the oligarch,” as well as for profit, but they used various kinds of media to launch an information scandal over evidence of Russian interference in the US elections.

In Part 2, with the heading “HOT THAILAND,” Alex Leslie describes how he comes with Nastya Rybka to Thailand and participates in a “seduction training”. during which he and all participants are arrested by police with charges of illegal labor. Further, he describes the difficulties of being in a Thai prison, in which he spent 11 months with Nastya Rybka and other persons (participants in the training). During his stay in prison, the author had the opportunity to send photographs, communicate with his friends, whom he informed about his condition and the state of Nastya Rybka, the conditions of their detention and contacts with the media through a hidden phone.

These descriptions are accompanied by memories of a story in which Nastya Rybka and other representatives of escort services spent time on a yacht of the Russian oligarch in the company of a senior "representative of the Kremlin." Neither the names of the yacht, nor names other than the name Nastya Rybka are given in history.

In part III, under the heading “CUTE RUSSIA”, the author describes how he, along with several people, including Nastya Rybka, was deported from Thailand to Russia, where they were escorted to a temporary detention center (ITT) upon arrival. Alex Leslie shares his memories of the time and conditions of his stay in the IVS, and also describes the reasons that, in his opinion, served as the basis for his placement there. In particular, without providing details and names, he refers to a certain journalist from Dozhd who allegedly reported the true reason for the author of the book and the girl being detained (p. 344): “she said that Navalny demanded that the Investigative Committee bring the oligarch and the Deputy Prime Minister for criminal liability for involving young girls in prostitution and serving Kremlin officials .. ”

In the final part, entitled “SCANDAL RESULTS,” the author points out a series of events, including those related to the macroeconomic sphere and legislative changes, which, based on the context of the entire publication, are directly related, in the author’s opinion, to those publications on social networks about which were discussed in the first chapters of the book.
In the “Afterword”, the author reports that he was denied entry to the United States as well. discusses the existence of a certain "system" that governs the world. In the “Acknowledgments” section, the author thanks all those whom he considers involved in the creation of this book. ”

To be continued
Timofey Grishin